Maverick Disaster & Emergency Services’ (MAVERICK) story began in 1998 when MAVERICK Founder and President, Jeff H. Jones formed the company to provide environmental (including Hazmat emergency response) and construction services to both private and governmental clients.

2005 was a turning point for Maverick when received its first disaster contract for Disaster Recovery following Hurricane Katrina.  Maverick completed five contracts performing demolition, concrete crushing and recycling, levee repair and site work during the next two years along the Gulf Coast from Biloxi, MS to New Orleans, LA.  These contracts changed the focus changed the focus of Maverick from environmental to disaster contracts.

 Later in 2014 while working with a slope stabilization product manufacturer, Jeff became interested in flood mitigation and emergency flood protection as a market.  However he  realized that while his vendor’s product was perfect for certain flood protection applications it was far from a perfect application for many others.  After a considerable amount of research, he found that there was NO ONE product that was optimal for emergency all flood protection applications and each manufacturer tried to push their products into applications that their product was just not suited. 

Many of the products researched showed that they were quality products, but most were DIY when it came to installation and nearly none had an Operations and Maintenance program and only one or two had a Response or Deployment services and if they did, were very limited in scope or reach. In short, these companies were manufacturers and no company was looking at their client’s best interest, but looking to maximize the market share of their own company.

Another factor was the technical side of developing a custom system for dealing with flood waters and storm surges.  While there were design engineers who were familiar with Flood Zone requirements, some with capabilities for a certain products and grant writers, there was no company that provides  all of these services in house which lead to flood mitigation projects being broken up into several separate contracts which resulted in watered down protection, long project schedules and elevated budgets.  In short it was impractical, inefficient, and expensive.

What was needed was a Design/Build General Contractor that could provide comprehensive cradle to grave services that could be customized and scaled from protecting one home to a whole community. A company that could not only design a system that would work with existing flood mitigation structures to maximize their effectiveness and install that system,  but also assist its clients in finding monies through grants and initiatives to pay for the system as well as maintaining the systems and providing nationwide deployment services. This company also needed not only to “Specialize” or “Focus” on Flood Mitigation and Slope Stabilization but these services to be its “day job” not a sideline.

These criteria were Maverick Disaster & Emergency Services design specifications.  Built on experience and resources acquired over thirty years in Disaster and Emergency Response, Environmental and Construction fields, MAVERICK has the personnel experience, resources and capabilities to take on the most challenging flood mitigation and slope stabilization project and complete them in professional and value-added manner,,,,,,NATIONWIDE.

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