Natural and manmade Disasters cause loss of life; damage buildings and infrastructure; and have devastating consequences for a community’s economic, social, and environmental well-being.

Of all of the Natural Disasters, Flooding is our nation’s number one natural disaster, and it can occur inland, along the coast, and across every region of the country. Even though you may think your community has little or no risk of flooding, the reality is that anywhere it rains, it can flood. In fact, roughly 25 percent of all flood insurance claims are filed in low-to-moderate flood-risk areas. As shown on chart to the right, from a period of 33 years (1965-1998) of Presidential Disaster Declarations in the USA it can be seen that flooding, severe storms and tornados with floods are by far the major causes of disaster declarations.

Seeing the need for a professional, efficient and economical approach to assist communities to limit the damages caused by flooding during weather events                        , partnering with                      (           ) developed a program to provide flood protection that is more efficient, more economic and, most importantly, faster than sandbags.

          personnel have been providing emergency flood protection services for over five years in both Canada and the US using their “Hydra Safe” system.  Recently Hydra utilized their system to successfully respond to flooding in the Toronto Area and deploy Triple Dam flood control tube dams to protect numerous homes and businesses.

Flooding is one of the few disasters where damages and losses can be prevented or mitigated with preparation and preparedness.  MSC’s mission is to support our citizens, communities, private corporations, and government agencies by providing full Design-Build services to provide our clients the maximum protection available from the destruction results of Flooding.  MSC provides Turn Key Flood Mitigations Services that minimize the effects of flooding due to excessive rain, Tropical Storm Systems, Storm Surges, and Snow Melt.

Once under contract, the M/Hydra team will survey your facility, infrastructure or community and design a flood protection defense plan based on your needs, the survey and a state of the art Flood Risk Assessment (FRA). Areas, facilities and infrastructure (site) that will be protected and will vary in size, complexity and flood threat so each site will have to be assessed and a site-specific plan will have to developed before any flood protection/deterrence activities are put into effect to ensure the maximum protection/deterrence.

Based on the design and FRA M/HYDRA will assemble the Flood Protection Materials that will be required to protect the facility, infrastructure or community which will include the following materials as needed;

  • Temporary Flood Walls

  • Entry Barriers

  • Pipe & Culvert Plugs

  • Check Valves

  • Manhole Covers

  • Sump & Discharge Pumps

  • Poly Sheeting


These materials are organized and stored in a appropriate sized container (Hydra Safe) for storage until needed for deployment.  The Hydra Safe can be stored at a location at or convenient to the deployment site.

Much of the success of a product is based not only on the design and construction of the product, but the correct project design and installation of the product.  Realizing this MSC is not just a supplier of the products but offers installation of both the Triple Dam and Muscle Wall though its own in house resources and nationwide through its network of certified installers and team members.

MSC personnel have over a decade of experience installing flood barrier systems across the United States under a diverse range of circumstances and conditions.  When a flood event is imminent the owner will activate the MSC Response Team with a Task Order or Purchase Order.  Upon receipt of the activation MSC will mobilize crews to check permanent structures and check valves, deploy temporary barriers, pumps and plug pipes.

When the flooding event has passed, M/Hydra will deactivate the system, clean & dispose of flood debris, clean & inspect the system and return the materials to the Hydra Safe.

M/Hydra FEMA and Federal Funding Experts can help offset the cost of protecting your community, facilities, infrastructure and homes.  In many cases having a Pre-Position Flood Defense Contract in place with M/Hydra can also help you lower your flood insurance premiums.

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