understands that proper lake function can ease the impact of floods and droughts by storing large amounts of water and releasing it during shortages.  These lakes also work to replenish groundwater, positively influence water quality of downstream watercourses, and preserve the biodiversity and habitat of the area.  When the ecological puzzle pieces of a lake come together and the lake is able to work as it should, the big picture is clear, all benefit from this important resource. 


Recognizing the importance of lake health to proper function of flood control systems and the overall health of ecosystems, Maverick is pleased to have                                        (LTE) as a partner to expand Maverick’s capabilities to include inland dredging.

LTE is a full service provider of professional water-based services for environmental and commercial inland water projects. With over thirty years of industry experience in diverse environmental conditions and restoration techniques, LTE’s Owners and Managers merge their expertise with the latest in advanced environmental engineering technology to deliver effective and sustaining solutions for our clients. LTE’s modern fleet of portable dredging units and dewatering systems offer multiple options for cleaning, filtering, and retaining the health of your project whether a flood control dam or drainage way, water reservoir, navigable waterway, marina/dock/pier or recreational lake.


The Maverick/LTE Joint Venture (                ) expertise includes environmental remediation, reclamation and restoration utilizing surgical maintenance dredging capabilities coupled with various methods of dewatering, disposal and/or beneficial re-use. 

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